Simulation contest

Simulation contest – Is It Resilient?

During Resilience 2014, a simulation contest takes place. It consists in facing challenges listed below using the simulator “IsItResilient?” which you can find on the conference USB key as well as here.

How to face a challenge

Define a socio-ecological system by adjusting the 3 model parameters: “competitiveness”, “tax-rate” and “max-trade-rate”. For a challenge to be completed, the system you will have define has to:

Condition 1: Be stable, that is the population of harvesters and collectors has to maintain for at least 500 ticks without shocks.

Condition 2: Recover from one or several shocks (depending on the challenge), that is restore the ecological and socio-economic stable state it had before the shock(s).

Note that the shocks have to be applied after a 100 ticks so that the system has time to reach its stable state.

You can try several solutions. Once you have pick your best option, come for a demonstration at our stand in Antigone 2 during the free sessions of Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

List of challenges

Challenge 1: “Strong shock”

Define a system that recovers from any kind of strong shock (duration =15 ticks) applied once.

Challenge 2: “Shock wave”

Define a system that recovers from a succession of 5 small shocks (duration = 5 ticks) applied at interval of about 15 ticks. The type of shock is free for you to choose.

Challenge 3: “Imbalanced resources and yet resilient”

Define a system which stable state relies on stock imbalances between sugar and spice. Can it recover from a “resources collapse” shock and for how long?

Challenge 4: “Is it really that fragile?”

Define a system that has low stats (population and/or capital) but can recover from medium strength shocks.

Challenge 5*: “Seems resilient, but it is not”

Define a system and a succession of shocks for which the system recovers from a strong shock and then collapses after a small one.

Challenge 6: “A spectacular recovery”

After that shock(s), it should have collapse and yet it recovered. Show us your most incredible recovering phase.

Challenge 7**: “Historical epic”

Show us an historical reenactment of a real life case you know about by adjusting the system’s parameters and simulating a succession of shock events.

Challenge 8**: “Resilient development”

Illustrate what you consider as a major issue for resilient development of socio-ecological systems through a simulation that you will run using the model.

*For this challenge, condition 2 does not apply.

**For this challenge, conditions 1 and 2 do not necessarily apply