Organizing committee

The organizing committee ensures the link with local research and educational institutions and their networks, and is in charge of logistical, financial and institutional matters. It is composed of representatives of the research and education institutions of Montpellier working on transformation, adaptation and development.

Organizing committeeCIRAD , France

Aurelie Botta CIRAD , France

Olivier Barreteau – IRSTEA , France

Brigitte Cabantous – Agropolis International , France

Nathalie Curiallet, CIRAD , France

Philippe Cury, IRD , France

Fabrice De  Clerck, Bioversity International , Costa Rica

Helene Dessard, CIRAD , France

Jean-Luc Dubois, IRD , France

Elin Enfors,  Stockholm Resilience Centre , Sweden

Francis Laloë, IRD , France

Danièle Magda, INRA , France

Pascale Maizi, SupAgro , France

Raphaël Mathevet, CNRS , France

Etienne Montaigne, SupAgro , France

Allyson Quinlan, Resilience Alliance ,Canada

Hélène Rey Valette, UM1 , France

Francesco Ricci, UM3 , France

Nathalie Rovis, CIRAD , France

Charles Staver, Bioversity International , France

Nathalie Villemejeanne, Agropolis International , France

Editorial committee

Name Institution
Albert Norström Stockholm Resilience Centre
Alex Awiti The Aga Khan University
Anne-Sophie Crépin Stockholm Resilience Centre
Aurélie Botta CIRAD
Beatrice Crona Stockholm Resilience Centre
Benoit Lallau Université Lille 1
Bert J. M. De Vries University Utrecht
Brian Walker Resilience Alliance
Chanda Meek University of Alaska
Charles Redman Arizona State University
Charles Staver Bioversity International
Christophe Bene University of Sussex
Christophe Le Page CIRAD
Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne Consultant
Damienne Provitolo CNRS
Daniel Castillo Universidad La Javeriana
Daniel Ospinas tockholm Resilience Centre
Derek Armitage University of Waterloo
Don Nelson University of Georgia
Duan Biggs University of Queensland
Elin Enfors Stockholm Resilience Centre
Emilie Coudel CIRAD
Emily Boyd University of Reading
Erik Andersson Stockholm Resilience Centre
Erin Bohensky CSIRO
Fabrice De Clerck Bioversity International
Francois Bousquet CIRAD
Francoise Gerard CIRAD
Garry Peterson Stockholm Resilience Centre
Gary Kofinas University of Alaska
Georgina Cundill Rhodes University
Graeme Cumming University of Cape Town
Guillaume Lescuyer CIRAD
Helene dessard CIRAD
Henrik Ernstson University of Cape Town
J. Marty Anderies Arizona State University
Jean Marcel Koffi IRD
Jean-Luc Dubois IRD
Jerome Queste CIRAD
Joern Fisher Leuphana University
Lance Gunderson Emory University
Line Gordon Stockholm Resilience Centre
Lisen Schultz Stockholm Resilience Centre
Louisa Evans ARC center of excellence for coral reefs
Magnus Nyström Stockholm Resilience Centre
Maja Schluter Stockholm Resilience Centre
Marco Janssen Arizona State University
Margaret Nelson Arizona State University
Maria Schultz SwedBio
Maria Tengö Stockholm Resilience Centre
Marie-Gabrielle Piketty CIRAD
Michael Schoon Arizona State University
Natalie Ban ARC center of excellence for coral reefs
Nicholas Graham ARC center of excellence for coral reefs
Oonsie Biggs Stockholm Resilience Centre
Örjan Bodin Stockholm Resilience Centre
Paul Ryan Australian national university
Per Olsson Stockholm Resilience Centre
Samantha Stone-Jovicich CSIRO
Sara Cornell Stockholm Resilience Centre
Shauna Burnsilver Arizona State University
Thomas Elmqvist Stockholm Resilience Centre
Tim Daw Stockholm Resilience Centre
Valery Gond CIRAD
Victor Galaz Stockholm Resilience Centre
Xavier Basurto Duke University