Resilience and Development:


Mobilizing for Transformation


Trans-disciplinary conferences are ‘third places’ where converging communities of practice can meet to share perspectives and experiences, evolve new knowledge and create an amalgam of novel ideas and theories. In April 2014, 1000 participants attended a conference in Montpellier, France to interact on how the resilience concept could be manifested in policies and specific development programs.


We created this website to present the outputs and outcomes of the conference.
The participants can make reference to any outputs from the conference(papers, books, blogs, actions, etc.).
A perspective paper has also been written and can be discussed, commented and complemented.


Enjoy the site and… do contribute!


On the Third International Science and policy Conference
on the resilience of social & ecological systems
Montpellier, France

PPT Presentations

Most of the powerpoint presentations are now available.

You can access them by clicking here.

To find your way through all the folders, have a look to the guide “how to find my presentation” in the main folder or by clicking here.

See and comment

Here you can find a perspective paper regarding the sessions

Feedback from sessions

Here you will find feedback that participants shared trough their own website, blog, platform…etc..



Monday May 5 – Introductory Plenary Panel


An off-site session : sheeps, herders and researchers

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